52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them

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About The Book

In 52 Sales Tips & How to Use Them youll learn sales and marketing lessons including: why you shouldnt have an elevator pitch and how to handle chance meetings instead; how to engage with your target market during an economic downturn; what your competitors may be saying about you and how to combat it; how to prevent competitors from poaching your good customers; and how to get good reviews that drive the right kind of customers to you. Whats more unlike most sales tips that go in one ear and exit through the other you wont be able to forget these 52 pointers because they come with detailed explanations of how to use them in more than twenty-five different occupations. For example youll follow a local language school and see how it can compete with Rosetta Stone for customers and learn how an architectural firm generates large projects for its experienced partners compared with how it attracts smaller projects for newer associates. So grab your iPad or notebook and prepare to jot down any sales and marketing best practices that you are not already implementing in your service business.

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