A Cornish Detective

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About The Book

Philip had always dreamed of being a detective much to his fathers disappointment as he naturally thought he would join the family business. True to his word he joined the police and was based in Newquay a very busy seaside resort. He soon showed his capability and his dream became reality. Devastated when his childhood sweetheart married someone else Phil thought he would be a confirmed bachelor but being good looking and very eligible it wasnt long before he had a pleasant surprise he wasnt expecting. Life carried on Phil was a very active member of the force and was soon promoted. With his own house and adjoining land now bought he was able to fulfil his passion to keep a horse and ended up with a menagerie. Phil wasnt actively looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with but love came out of the blue and his status of confirmed bachelor quickly changed along with the rest of his life.

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