A Global Awakening: Opening Eyes To the Gifts Of Healing

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About The Book

Walking in the anointing and power of God is a reality! Jesus gave each and every Christian the authority to do so. Imagine what might happen if every believer was ignited into the full realization and potential of what God made us to be. What would be the result if we embraced the gifts of the Spirit as the New Testament church did in the book of Acts? This would bring the power of the Kingdom crashing into a temporal reality with life changing effects. The body of Christ would not exist as we know it today! I believe God is beginning to pour out the Spiritual latter rains and is resurrecting the reality of the New Testament church in this present day. Thats what Christian living was meant to be. It should be normal to live and expect a Kingdom invasion on earth as it exists in heaven. A Global Awakening addresses the mind-set of churchs today with regard to the gifts of healing. It shows us the potential reality of walking in Gods power and applying it to ministry and our lives. http: //www.healersunited.net

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