A Grammar of the Arabic Language (Two Volumes in One)

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About The Book

A Grammar of the Arabic Language is a detailed Arabic grammar tutorial, originally written in German by Carl Caspari and translated by British Orientalist William Wright. Often referred to today as Wright's Grammar, the second edition was altered and added to by Wright, and this third (and original final) edition was edited by famous Orientalists M.J. de Goeje and W. Robertson Smith. Wright consulted numerous Arabic sources when making additions and corrections to the work, and as such it is still useful today to students of the Arabic language. WILLIAM WRIGHT (1830-1889) was a British Orientalist and professor of Arabic at Cambridge University. His works are still researched and studied today by students of Arabic and Syriac. His most popular works remain A Grammar of the Arabic Language and the Short History of Syriac Literature. His writings are held today by the British Library and Cambridge University.

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