A Little West of Nowhere

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About The Book

John Bolter is rugged enough to face anything on the Western Frontier until he and his family are caught up in a gun trade between desperate Indians trying to arm their people and three rank soldiers wanting stolen treasures from travelers-like him. The Indians assume the soldiers will trade many guns for a young wanderer (John´s daughter) who was enjoying an early morning walk...alone. However the soldiers want her silenced before she can tell the post commander at Fort Laramie of their dealings. The Indians save her from her own defenders. A Cheyenne Warrior comes to the Indian camp one morning with troubles of his own-a newborn baby with no mother to nuture him. How far will compassion go? Will two souls so far from their people-from such different cultures-finally find their way back to where they come from and get help for the winter or will they find a tie that binds them together? Will John Bolter ever be able to mend his broken family and follow his dreams? Or will fate keep him forever wondering... This story is filled with perilous adventure and humor that will leave you laughing through tears and the bittersweet conclusion will certainly warm your heart.

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