A Macabre Myth of a Moth-Man

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About The Book

WATCH OUT. THIS AINT GONNA BE PRETTY. Meet Moth: hes half his namesake and half social misfit. Moths been pretty ticked off. A year ago sciencey people locked him in a lab stuck needles in him and shone lights in his eyes. He wasnt very happy about this so now him and his mate Ozzy (a quite unpleasant chap of green skin yellow eyes and lots of teeth) are out for good ol fashioned retribution. Meet Nina. Shes a barmaid and wants to work with animals. Ninas been roped into helping some friends with their amateur Moth-man documentary. Of course she doesnt believe in such silly myths but she needs something to take her mind off her ex-boyfriend. Unluckily for Nina her world is about to be blown apart by the ugly-as-sin truth. Looks like Moth and Nina have got enough on their plates. and thats not including the gas-mask wearing cult the ticking blade-fingered robot or the old man with the crows flying around him.A MACABRE MYTH OF A MOTH-MAN is the debut novel of author Brad Fear: a union of urban fantasy and noir chronicling the tale of a seemingly clueless insect detective.

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