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About The Book

A Stage of Life Which Killed Me to Start New Vision the Book will definitely change your life in a positive way. Especially the youth and their parents are being urged to read this book. It doesnt matter what situations you are facing in your life we are saying you to read this book just once this book claims that your life will start to change miraculously. Because this book is not a fiction book it is a Non-Fiction means the real experiences of the person who really does exist on the planet. Many people have read this book and appreciated to this book. Many people have asked for English version of this book which will be published as soon as possible. Because whoever has read this book so far has changed their lives in a positive way. Our aim is also that whoever reads this book there should be some positive changes in their life. What happens in a person’s life that they want to die? So deep in the darkness they goes you must have heard that many times the one whom we consider to be our most gives us death. But have you ever heard that your death gives you life? Haven’t heard but it’s true. Death not only gave life but it is also true that essence of life explained the real meaning of life. Identified loved ones and told the formula for success. And death itself explained to the writer of this book what the true meaning of life is? Will you believe that when death is slowly says in your ear that before you hug me it is very important to live your complete life?

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