A Thousand Shattered Moments: 3 (Thousand Moments)

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About The Book

Sawyer and Raven finally see a future away from the war -- if they can only get through this last deployment. But when the military separates them Raven finds it impossible to protect her and he worries her post traumatic stress disorder will return. Soon Raven finds out PTSD is the least of his troubles. Sawyer is assigned to a bomb removal unit being sent into the most dangerous area in Afghanistan where shes taken and held captive for weeks. Expecting the worst Sawyer is ready to die for her country. But when death doesnt come Sawyer turns her back on her faith. believing God has left her to deal with the aftermath of her capture alone. Devastated at the news of Sawyers disappearance Ravens commitment to her never falters even when her injuries threaten to take her from him. To make matters worse hes being kept from his wife by an angry mother-in-law. Raven is determined to bring Sawyer back to him -- But is it be too late? Unfaltering in his faith Raven knows with Gods help he will prove his love to Sawyer.

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