A Walk in Our Shoes

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About The Book

We never thought our lives would turn out this way but who really knows such things? During the Leiders seven-year marriage they brought three beautiful babies into the world. They marveled at their good fortune and like most parents had dreams of what their children would aspire to and accomplish in life. In a moment all that changed when their idyllic world collapsed around them. Deena and Jeff received the worst news any parent could ever imagine. The world they once embraced and adored was instantly over. The words life expectancy rang in their ears and reverberated with the steady tic-tock-of the clock-their personal time bomb. Thats when the battle against time began for them and they vowed to save their cherished family. In the quest to fight for their childrens lives they decided that they will not rest until their voices and unique story was heard from the halls of Capital Hill to state and local government. These incredible parents turned a devastating situation into an altruistic crusade. They were determined to live for their little boys and to try their hardest to grieve later. This story is not wrapped with a silver lining but anything worth changing and fighting for never is. The Leiders represent all the unsung heroes who travel a harrowing road with fortitude extraordinary courage humility and endless hope. As you read about this exceptional and remarkable family you will be deeply moved and greatly inspired by their perseverance and infinite parental love. At storys end you will be profoundly motivated to accompany them on their continuing journey of strength and optimism.

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