Acoustic Guitar: 3 Books in 1 - A Quick and Easy Introduction+ Tips and Tricks to Play Acoustic Guitar + Reading Sheet Music and Playing Guitar Chords Like a Pro

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About The Book

How to Play Acoustic Guitar The Complete 3 books in 1Book 1At some point in our lives all of us have wanted to learn an instrument. After all whats not to like about it? You learn a new skill get more popularity (at least according to every movie ever ) as well as an ability to perform music pleasantly to our own ears. Furthermore learning to play an instrument has been linked with an increase in cognitive function extroversion and a decrease in stress. In this book Ill guide you through the theory before delving into playing. Ill teach you how to play off a music sheet and by the time youre done youll be able to pick up a piece of music and know how it is supposed to be played. . Book 2In this book you will learn everything you need to know about learning to play the acoustic guitar. What youll gain from this book is the opportunity to learn important tips and tricks that will make playing the guitar an easy and exciting journey. Youll soon find that you will possess all the techniques required to master the ability to change chords strum and play with ease.Knowing how to strum and pick is vital to becoming a good guitar player and in this book youll be provided with the methods needed to learn to be proficient. Youll learn various techniques and tips to empower you including tricks on how to change chords strum use a pick and play guitar harmonics. Book 3Have you always wanted to play the acoustic guitar and be admired by audiences? You are about to discover the techniques of playing this amazing stringed instrument and reading sheet music with ease.If you want the perfect tool for learning the acoustic guitar reading sheet music and playing the instrument like a pro in just a few months then this is the perfect guide for you.This guide will help you become a guitar pro without wandering aimlessly.

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