Agent Entrepreneurs: Every Agent's Guide to What They Don't Teach You in Real Estate School

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About The Book

Agent Entrepreneurs is a much needed gift to the real estate industry. It is a Road Map for both new and experienced Agents. Literally packed with the information and tactics that are missing in 99% of real estate training available in most brokerages. Separate yourself from the desperate and un-creative masses of agents out there running around all doing the exact same thing. Read it and save yourself years of wasted time and thousands of dollars! -Remy Fortier Integrity Brokers Turner is the exception in an industry where its commonplace for folks to put on a facade. Read his stories; youll be fascinated. -Ryan Fletcher Defeat Mega AgentsThis book should be required reading for all real estate professionals. -Debbi Myers real estate broker of 20 years and certified real estate instructorGreat information great stories and most of all timely and useful advice that I wish I had heard a long time ago. -Kirsten Wallace The Firm Real Estate GroupLooking back most of us can say we would have saved ourselves hardship time money and stress--not to mention a lot of emotional scars--if wed known then what we know today. Hindsight is 20/20 but does it have to be that way? Why dont they teach in real estate school what you really need to know to be successful? Why do you have to spend years doing things the hard way before discovering a better approach? You dont. Agent Entrepreneurs is every agents guide to avoiding the pitfalls that leave so many real estate professionals feeling chewed up spit out broken and demoralized. Skip the painful and expensive lessons and learn how to create and sustain the business youve always wanted. Here are the most important effective and impactful truths every agent should know. No magic wands. No gimmicks. And no holds barred.

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