Aliens and Us Are We Prepared Yet?

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About The Book

The subject of aliens is not a new one and has been around for a really long time now. We talk about it all the time. News and articles about the possibility of alien visits or attacks are everywhere. Perhaps this has become so common that people have started to shrug it off thinking this is just one of those science fiction topics that media loves to sensationalize. If all of a sudden we have an alien encounter one day are we psychologically prepared for this? Like many of you even I think we are not. In fact we might be in a state of shock as they might turn out to be completely different from any of our imaginations about them. But if we are prepared for anything then such an alien encounter might not be shocking. The objective of this book is to prepare its readers psychologically to deal with the subject of aliens and the first alien encounter. In other words aiming to prepare humanity with the cope of a possible shock upon an impending alien encounter. There are a lot of mysteries in this world that might have some paranormal behavior associated to them but they are kind of scattered and appear here and there. In other words although these mysteries have been documented well enough by a lot of people from time to time but they do not appear related. This book attempts to bring together these mysteries and relate them with one possible explanation that is common the alien connection. Also it is trying to bring this subject out from the confines of a circle of scientists subject experts and enthusiasts to a common person. So this book is for a common man by a common man.

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