All I see is Mud

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About The Book

Try for a moment to imagine what it must have been like to face the horrors of the trenches during WWI the mud the blood the rats the lice and the constant fear of death. Now try to imagine being there at the age of 16.All I See Is Mud is the story of Pvt. Stan Dunkley as we follow his journey from Sydney to the battlefields of France and Belgium in the latter stages of the Great War.He joined up to escape his horrible home life only to find himself trapped in the cauldrons of war through the Battle of Hangard Wood the German offensives of March 1918 and the crippling effects of a European winter.As the front line thawed the Allies went on the offensive in August 1918 leading to the famous attack on Mont St Quentin and finally to the Battle for the Beauvoir Line ... Stan was in the thick of it while friends and comrades fell around him until he too was forced to confront his mortality.Based on actual events diary notes and letters All I See Is Mud is a confronting story of one soldiers struggles against a determined enemy and his own inadequacies.This story puts you on the front line during a conflict that literally changed the power structure of the world at a cost of 17 million lives. 100 years on World War I is still tearing at the very fabric of our existence.By popular demand All I See Is Mud has been put on paper after its success as an audio release (as heard on ABC Radio)

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