Alphaherpesviruses: Molecular Virology
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About The Book

Alphaherpesviruses are a fascinating group of DNA viruses that include important human pathogens such as herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) HSV-2 and varicella-zoster virus (VZV) - the causative agents of cold sores genital ulcerous disease and chickenpox/shingles respectively. A key attribute of these viruses is their ability to establish lifelong latent infection in the peripheral nervous system of the host. Such persistence requires subversion of the hosts immune system and intrinsic antiviral defense mechanisms. Understanding the mechanisms of the immune evasion and what triggers viral reactivation is a major challenge for todays researchers. This has prompted enormous research efforts into understanding the molecular and cellular biology of these viruses. This up-to-date and comprehensive study distills the most important research in this area providing a timely overview of the field. Topics include: transcriptional regulation DNA replication translational control virus entry and capsid assembly the role of microRNAs in infection and oncolytic vectors for cancer therapy. In addition there is coverage of virus-host interactions including apoptosis subversion of host protein quality control and DNA damage response pathways autophagy establishment and reactivation from latency interferon responses immunity and vaccine development. This is essential reading for everyone working with alphaherpesviruses and will be of interest to all virologists working on latent infections.

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