Amanda's Room Travel Edition

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About The Book

A STORM IS COMING AND HER NAME IS AMANDA!Death came for Amanda Reynolds but could not pry her from her home. Her spirit remained and for the next two decades the abandoned mansion decayed but not Amandas room. When Katie Jarvis and her teammates enter the room they discover an environment that is perfect in virtually every way. Under the guidance of their professor world-renowned physicist Bertrand Myers Katie Chris Drew and Tess research the rooms environment only to learn that it defies any natural explanation.When Katie discovers that the room also affects the weather for miles around the team delves into the houses history only to have each of them targeted for disaster. Through it all Katie believes that Amanda still inhabits the room and is convinced that Amanda is using the weather in a desperate attempt to communicate something but neither she nor her team can decipher what or why. Bert cautions that if Amanda possesses that kind of power no one on earth is safe. However when a monstrous late-season hurricane traps him and thousands of others on Cape Cod Katie realizes that only she can stop Amanda before its too late. What she does not realize is that something is still out to stop her.Chuck Miceli combines his criminal justice background and fascination for severe weather in his acclaimed supernatural novel Amandas Room. Part mystery part thriller Micelis novel merges details from his experiences in prisons and jails with facts about severe weather and violent storms. Then he adds his own mix of paranormal coincidences to act as a catalyst for this supernatural stew. Together these forces set the stage for what happens in the story and in the lives of its characters. Set in Washington Irvings Hudson Valley the book challenges readers to uncover the mysterious source of power in Amandas room. Then in Perfect Storm fashion he takes them on a violent-weather thrill ride of thunderstorms tornadoes waterspouts and hurricanes. This revised version of the original edition omits the weather quotes that introduce each chapter and some of the character development background. With its smaller format and faster-paced read it is the perfect companion for vacation and travel.

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