An Amazing Human Journey

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About The Book

In Volume Two of An Amazing Human Journey, read what happened after the dispersion from Atlantis and how things went downhill rapidly. Humans underwent a complete revulsion and avoidance of technology, so within three to four generations mankind completely forgot that technology ever existed. Once the technological descent began around the globe, people abandoned the cities and went back to living in the Stone Age. The descent was rapid, and humanity was literally reduced to wandering the Earth and living in caves. They lost most of their skills and had to redevelop from scratch. Humans progressed very slowly spiritually and technologically over the years until God sent spiritual teachers and masters to sprout spirituality. Alien races were also inspired to give us different technologies over the years. Also learn the different reasons for current abductions by aliens, and our future interactions with different alien races. We humans are not alone in this journey. We have had many different types of beings such as elementals, mermaids, and fairies working with us and helping us. Astrology also plays an important role in our journey and how intricately we are connected to the masters of our solar system. Read about the mysteries of different monuments, the power places, and the crop circles on Earth and the important role they will play during the transition of Planet Earth and the whole of humanity, from the third to the fifth dimension.Shakuntala Modi, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist in Wheeling, West Virginia, who has practiced for 37 years. This is her fifth book. "Amazing information given by my hypnotized patients compelled me to write this amazing book."Publisher's website: http: //

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