Antiquity's Gate: Through A Mirror Darkly: 2

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About The Book

Sanctuary has been granted a stay of execution but this reprieve is only temporary. Chaos reigns in the vacuum left after the Therans retreat. While Sylvia and Edwin work to pick up the pieces of a broken city they find that Sanctuary is now the first line of defense in a war no one realized was still being fought. In dire need of supplies and allies they seek out alliances while factions within the city itself threaten its fledgling freedom. Meanwhile Felix discovers that no matter where he goes he cant outrun who he is. The Pravacordian government dangles his amnesty like a carrot on a stick. Under pressure he agrees to a mission that will take him into unknown territory: the other side of Antiquitys Gate. If he succeeds his family will be safe. If he fails hell never see them again.The fate of two worlds lies in the hands of a desperate few. Some of them seem doomed to repeat history... others are determined to.

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