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About The Book

This collection of poems like seedling is an attempt to embody the compilation of living feelings of my mind by combining words. The journey that lead to the publication of this book began many years ago and consists of 133 pages. Feelings arise from thoughts they create a rhythm in the inner space and this rhythm transforms external sensations into poetry with the help of senses. Poem speaks to your soul and expand your consciousness. When was the last time you had a discussion about poems? Clear easy comprehended rhyme is generally more treasured by the masses. These poems give you a pause take you to the other level that there is more here than a quick read reveals. Poems are charged with divine fervour and some poems call for a quite meditative attention. Patience is a virtue readers must take their time because poetry is like fine wine open it slowly and let it breathe in you. Swash the words a bit around in your mind in order to enjoy the depth of subtle flavour that the poet wishes to impart. In the form of a free poem this book is a simple description of the state of mind inspired by the stimuli scattered around life at different stages of time. Probably this book is best read in small doses 1 or 2 poem a day to experience that tours the soul. The noise spread in the world disturbs the person but on searching for the purpose of life it appears that if there is harmony of peace with materialistic happiness and prosperity then the path of this ocean can be crossed with joy. Not the book not even the one poem but if you like few words from this book the purpose of writing this book is accomplished. Learned readers liked you are cordially invited to embark on the poetic journey that I have travelled and on. You are requested to bless us with your invaluable reading experiences.

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