Are You Sure That You Are Ready?: A Guide for Vendors

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About The Book

If you are currently a business owner or youre considering becoming one that intends to use Vending and Craft events as an option to increase sales and exposure THIS is the book to read! Ms E is sharing her knowledge and expertise based on being in business for over 12 years having gone to events in and outside of the city of Cleveland while building relationships in the process so that you will yield results without it costing you the hefty price of trial & error on your own. This guide will give you practical information on How To: * Determine what type of events are best for your product or service and how to find them.* How to receive better engagement from customers as they walk by your table.* Create the simple table display to draw more customers to you.This guide is meant to be read to take notes and to be referenced as often as needed to assist you in your journey of sales and results when you set up your table at an event.When you find yourself having questions or in need of more guidance in this process Ms Es website and social media platforms allow you to connect to her to setup up appointments. She knows what its like to feel lonely on this entrepreneurial faith journey. Now you have a link that understands and will assist you in this process.

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