Astronomy is Heavenly: A Fun Guide to Its History and Beauty

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About The Book

This entertaining and easy to read book explains astronomy as it unfolds from early discoveries through the Big Bang. Youll learn to appreciate the beauty of the heavens through a better understanding of what you are seeing. The movement in the heavens the Moon planets stars galaxies black holes dark matter and the possibility of alien life are covered in a fun read. Did you know that a tool to measure the size of the universe was discovered in 1912 by a woman who was not allowed to use her observatories telescope? There are over forty telescopes larger than the Hubble Space Telescope. Why is the HST so important? Have you seen the planet Mercury? Its easy if you know when and where to look. Learn the answer to these and other fascinating questions. Astronomy is Heavenly is loaded with tips for enjoying the beauty of the heavens.

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