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About The Book

BACnet is a set of data communication protocols, developed jointly by ASHRAE, ANSI and ISO, for how the automatic control systems in a building</br>from heating, to ventilation to lighting to fire control and alarm systems - can communicate with one another and, in turn, offer a centralized way for controlling all systems in a building. The author of this book H. Michael Newman presided as the chairman of the first effort to create this standard, and has been involved with updates and improvements ever since. The BACnet protocols are made use of in central control systems manufactured by companies like Honeywell, Siemens, and Johnson Controls, among many others. BACnet is widely used throughout the world today for commercial and institutional buildings with complex mechanical and electrical systems. Contractors, architects, building systems engineers, and facilities managers must all be cognizant of it and its applications. This book will offer those readers the 'inside wisdom' from the person who actually helped to create this standard specification...making it easier to understand the intent and use of each of the data sharing protocols, the controller requirements, and the opportunities for inter-operability between different proprietary controllers and systems. Readers will appreciate: The review of history of BACnet and its essential features, including the 'object model,' data links, network layers, and BACnet systemsCoverage such services as alarm and event services, file access services, and remote device management servicesInsight into future directions for BACnet, including wireless networking and network security

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