Basic Western Table Etiquette and Waiter Service: Waiter Course Included

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About The Book

It is important for every person to be sure your behavior is correct at all times. As parents you have to set the correct example to your children . . . but you can only set the correct example if you as parent know the correct behavior and etiquette rules. This book is a perfect tool to ensure that when you dine at home or at a formal dinner in a restaurant or with friends you measure your own behavior. It will empower you with self-confidence to be sure your behavior is correct. You will know what to do with the toothpick and the serviette when you leave the table during and after the meal. The book will provide you with information on how to use the finger bowl how to treat the waiter and what is expected of you during a business lunch. The book will supply most answers of how to behave when you are invited to a dinner party how and when to present a gift where to sit when to start eating and when it is appropriate to present the hostess with flowers and when it is not. These are only a few etiquette rules and what behavior is expected in the Western culture. How many times have you seen people behave in a manner that is not accepted in the Western culture? Then it is not because they are behaving badly but because they are ignorant and not well informed. Be careful the worst of bad manners you could show is to correct someone in public who did not behave according to your culture and standards.

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