Beauty is Sleeping: a Paranormal Romantic Suspense Novel

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About The Book

Orphaned as a three years old Ivy follows the sound of the forest. The trees call to her. They are there to protect her. To watch over her. Ivy goes into the forest and isnt seen again until ten years later.She emerges one day and is frightened and confused by the civilized world. She realizes she has powers. That she is unique. But she still tries to live normally something that seems easier said than done.Everything seems impossible until the kindness of a loving woman name Jean helps her over come her fears. Jean provides Ivy with all the love she needs but she cant protect her from everyday life. From the mean and unkind behaviors of her peers. But Ivy has a secret. She has powers. She has abilities. And it is those who mistreat her who should be the ones in fear.Will Ivy overcome adversity? Will love prevail as outside forces continue to challenge their bond and love for one another? Will Ivys life become a fairytale or is she destined for tragedy?Read along in this gripping suspense novel about a woman who just wants to be normal and she is anything but... A story about how a woman learns to tame her powers as she is forced to keep two worlds that are nothing alike apart. And find out if the love she so desperately wants will be hers!

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