Bellum Troianum: A Latin Novella: 1 (Fabulae Epicae)

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About The Book

The gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus are enjoying themselves at a party when suddenly an apple addressed to the most beautiful appears in their midst. The ensuing fight for the apple between Juno Minerva and Venus soon spills over to earth and pulls Paris Helen Menelaus Agamemnon Hector and Achilles into ten years of war between Greece and Troy.Based on the accounts of the Trojan War in the epic poems of Homer and Vergil Bellum Troianum (Fabulae Epicae Vol. I) is written for novice and intermediate readers of Latin.The Storybase Books series helps beginners learn Latin by reading. Books in this series use limited vocabulary to tell engaging stories that are accessible to novice and intermediate readers of Latin.This novella is also vol. 21 in Andrew Olimpis Comprehensible Classics series.Total Words: 5500Unique Words: 270Base Vocabulary: 151Level: Latin II (Grammar-Translation Courses)Level: Latin II/III (Comprehensible Input Courses)

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