Best of the Psalter
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About The Book

Best of the Psalter is a meditation rendering of 40 short Psalm passages 11 Canticles and 35 passages from Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Part I (Jesus Mary & the Saints) drawn from the Commons of Mary and the Saints have proven especially helpful for those trying to discern whether they are being called to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Part II (Work Hours) is inspired by the psalms and readings of the Midday Hours and reflection on years of working as a student janitor launderer clerk landscaper accountant and parish priest. Part III (In Health & In Healing) has roots in a hospital chaplaincy internship often offering short readings from the Psalter and watching faithful Methodists Baptists Jews and others taking in the sacred word with a reverence that resembles a Catholic receiving holy communion. Rev. Steve Wolf has prayed the Psalter for eighteen years from several different translations in his ministry as a parish priest for the Diocese of Nashville Tennessee.

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