Black Waters of Melancholy: Dark Poetry

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About The Book

Within these pages rest the sordid thoughts of an old soul who finds peace in the darkest corners of the world. You will find few uplifting words in this book and little to inspire soothe or even help you cope. What you will find within these pages are poems that express the darkness many fear yet others embrace. Some require you to take time to examine this bizarre existence we call life to gain a glimpse into the mind of those who make these shadows their home. Some paint a vivid picture with words that capture the beauty amid the macabre. Some express a dark sense of humor that causes the little clown in my mind to display his sinister grin. In short this book is for the dark demented and those just a bit twisted. So find yourself a dimly lit corner curl up with some hot tea and pastries and enjoy spending time with me in my darkness. J.L. Parsons

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