Blood and Pitch: 3 (Mab's Doll)
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About The Book

Gillian has heard about the Jersey Devil since she came to America. The stories about it have spanned over a hundred years with each one over that time having a similar description. The area of those sightings is well defined but covers acres of forests and two well-travelled roads. That leads her to believe this might in fact be one of the lost fae she was sent by the Queens of Fae to find and return. The problem is while the stories of the sightings are far reaching and consistent no one has ever been able to track it. But no one else has had a member of the Wild Hunt the greatest tracers in the world to help them. If anyone can track this devil down its Pitch the strangest kelpie the Shadow Court has ever seen.They dont know what it is what it can do or whether it is really one of the fae they are searching for. All they know is they dont dare leave it behind not in such a dangerous area surrounded by untrustworthy humans.

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