Book of Remembrance: A Story That Is Told

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About The Book

Public forums and global leaders should stand back to look into the mirror of truth. God does not have to sit down and write himself a book to know his plan in our creation. That inspired vision was written for us to grasp and teach. It is vain to shun or distort eminent dangers of his voice and live in a false fantasy. We must open our eyes and mouths to these issues of his providence. Timing for omens of prophecy to be revealed is now in this earth not in another realm on some other planet. Scripture is a science of reason and reality not an abstract mystery of blind faith. This is a story that is told as it ponders events of the past present and future in much detail plainly foretold in the divine word. Narration inspires deep interest belief and zeal. Doomsday is a mistaken big bang idea of the end. Seasons and times that lead to the Antichrist and his evil empire are separate. The Apocalypse is fixed in dire stages of nuclear wars followed by great disasters in nature before Armageddon when the Messiah will destroy satanic forces from civilization. Warning signs are obvious in a climate of violence financial woes harsh weather patterns and growing apostasy. The battlefield of WWIII has formed as a ticking bomb in Gods hand. My frank analysis explains how modern nations relate to ancient names of kinship listed by the prophets with respect to the last days. Fresh insight shows how our global power structure shifts due to military conflicts including WWIV and then evolves from final scourges in the day of the Lord that conclude with his Second Advent. Countless people are tired of same old sermons which have no bearing on the troubled culture we live in. Readers will find a source of value in both spiritual and practical wisdom to share in study groups and social networks. They are urged to light their candles and respond by rational discourse of pressing matters to help remove the walls that threaten and divide us. The book is meant to fill a void of learning in eschatology. This aspect of the Holy Bible touches our intellect and conscience with stunning facts not yet recorded in history. Despite the coming horror we have profound hope of bodily rapture into heaven occurring in phases of watches prior to the end wrath. There is also joy in promise of a new dawn of peace for mankind as our universe is here to stay. The time of the end is not the end of time. Politics and religion are part of everyday life regardless of controversy in these topics. My motive is to thwart hatred and obtain mercy by exposing the true cause and outcome of current and distant affairs. There is a logical progression of key predictions that must be fulfilled. No other publication has documented so many biblical quotes to prompt meditation of actual ongoing context. Its mission is academic for open minds to save lives and souls. We face unmeasured calamity unless prayer and amends are made for gross transgression. The real struggle is in our hearts since the road to perdition has not changed but those who travel it are crowding that futile street. Blessings or curses depend on moral principles. If we will not discern what sin is we are unable to perceive the results. Grave justice looms over this generation yet we can expect and prepare for a marvelous escape. Get ready and be informed about new things you will want to think and talk about. Leonard A. DeClue

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