Born in 1937: Your Life in Wordsearch Puzzles (Time Travel Wordsearch)

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About The Book

This book of wordsearch puzzles is packed with people things and events from your year of birth onwards.If you were born in 1937 - with your 83rd birthday in 2020 - then this is the wordsearch book for you!1937 was the year that Chamberlain was elected PM and the first aircraft flew from Tokyo to London. You wont remember that but what about trams and gabardine raincoats? How about the books you read as a child? Do you recall which household goods were on ration?And then you grew up... but what happened in the year you turned 21? Which Olympics can you remember? What were the biggest UK hits on your 40th birthday?Youll find all these and many more in this nostalgic look at UK life over the last 83 years.This is a large-format word search book with easy-to-read type. Some of these Time Travel Puzzles are easy; others have been made fiendishly difficult with clues to solve missing words and false beginnings. But each one is bound to bring memories flooding back for anyone born in 1937!

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