Breeze the Mermaid II: The Tridon

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About The Book

High adventure scary encounters and narrow escapes are in store for our beautiful and adventurous mermaid Breeze as she comes face to face with The Tridon. Now...The Tridon is of human form with a scaley body and fins that resemble that of a fish and a monstrous ugly head with horns on top and bulging eyes. His form is rendered in such a grotesque manner that anyone looking upon this hideous sight for an extended period of time would be overcome by fear so intense that it could drive them mad. THE TRIDON is a wicked sea creature that can destroy both men and ships a monstrous creature from the deep that Breezes father Neptune had under total control and at his beck and calling to do the dirty work of killing men and destroying ships when he himself did not want to dirty his hands Unusual events occur that causes this creature not only to loose all reasoning but also causes it to become totally out of control and even more frightening and monstrous than it ever was in its original state. Breeze is taken captive more than once and perilous circumstances cause her to again almost lose her life.

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