Call of the Danna: 1 (Kingblade Chronicles - Saga 1)

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About The Book

Aradis Kingblades world is falling apart. His people the Menfolk are persecuted and oppressed by the government his father is slowly dying from an illness and his family is struggling to provide for their own needs. All seems hopeless. But one evening a mysterious stranger arrives in his village and commissions him to journey to the distant kingdom of Argonis which is being threatened by the armies of the evil Witch Ravinia the Heartless. Aradis is charged with two tasks: restoring unity to Argonis which is suffering from serious internal dissension and defeating Ravinia. To accomplish this quest Aradis must leave his family in turmoil. The only consolation he has is that his friend Girion Ringmark has decided to go with him. And so the lads set out upon an adventure of epic proportions across land and sea. But even if they manage to do the impossible and reach the far-off kingdom of Argonis their journey will have only just begun. . .

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