CBT vs NLP: Which is right for me?: Rewiring Your Brain with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Neuro-linguistic Programming. How to Get in Control of Your Behaviors and Emotions (Neuroscience Guide)

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About The Book

If this book sparked an interest in you you might have already heard of CBT and/or of NLP. Perhaps you have not but you are considering enrolling in some type of therapy. Or maybe you are just curious. Whichever one you are this book is indeed going to be helpful for you. The goal is for you to end it with a better notion of what constitutes each of the practices and with more knowledge that you can take into consideration when it is time to decide if you finish the book with a decision made even better!In this book you will discover and learn everything you need to know to start understanding the world of-Cognitive Behavioral TherapyAnger ManagementNeuro-Linguistic ProgrammingHow To PracticeExamples of TechniquesBenefitsDifferences Between CBT and NLP& Much More!We will be talking about CBT and NLP alternatively throughout the book in a Compare and Contrast kind of style and in the end we made a summary of the main differences and the main similarities between the two followed by a series of questions that might steer you into a certain direction instead of the other.Living with anxiety can be a constant struggle in countless ways that those who havent experienced it firsthand can never understand but it doesnt have to be this way.So what are you waiting for? Change your life for the better in ways you have never imagined buy this audiobook today!

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