Cheating in America: And A New Breed of Woman

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About The Book

This book deals with cheating and infidelity by both men and women but is primarily focusing on the significant rise of female cheating over the last 25 years or so.This new trend in cheating and infidelity is the result of the female migration from home in to the business and industries workforce dating back to 1941 caused by the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor when Americas female population swiftly merged into action in an attempt to quickly fill the void of their husbands fathers and sons who were called off to fight the war.Over the next 67 years Womens rights laws and liberation movements aggressively progressed along with the cultivation and growth of the workplace exposures. As well Womens job equality and pay excelled reflecting a heavy percentage growth of female middle and upper management personnel affording even higher incomes job security stability unprecedented work and travel flexibilities without scrutiny.The same exposures men have always had who cheated are still out there. But now only far more amplified and as well shared by both men and women workers alike in what seems to be a relaxed atmosphere towards the acceptance and tolerance by the workplace.This non-fiction book will reflect notable trends and changes in female cultural attitudes and behaviors in America and in other parts of the world as they relate to marriage commitment cheating and infidelity. This book also reveals that in todays world Women - whether heterosexual or lesbian are as likely to cheat on their mates as the men traditionally have in the past. . .and why it will probably never change now!The book is dedicated to all those husbands wives boy friends and girl freids who have been betrayed by their Cheating Mate!

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