Christian Co KY: Family History Book Vol 2

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About The Book

Christian County had published a county history in 1841 by Perin and again another by Charles Meachem in 1930. Both of these histories had a limited biography section in them. Under the leadership of president Lon Bostick the Genealogical Society of Christian County and the many devoted people of the county at large gave untiringly of their time and knowledge to compile and have published a third history of Christian County in 1986 which is primarily a family history with much social history. The people responded well with material and the book was getting so large that we had to stop receiving family histories. This left many without the opportunity to get their families recorded. Late in 1990 Lon had a job started and was not complete therefore the Odd Fellows of Green River Lodge #54 of Hopkinsville and Jewel Rebekah Lodge #14 (the auxiliary of the Odd Fellows) met and voted to compile and have published a continuation of Volume I of the Family Histories to be titled Edition I of Family Histories of Christian County.

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