Clyde and Friends: Three Books in One!

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About The Book

You get three delightful books in one that tell the stories of Clyde the green giraffe and his friends their adventures and lessons they learn along the way. This book is written in Russ Townes fun-to-read style and features the wonderful full-color illustrations of Josh McGill. In Clyde and I the book that started it all youll meet one of the craziest funniest and most memorable and lovable characters you are ever likely to come across. His name is Clyde and he is a green giraffe. Hes standing on his head! In the rain! Eating a blue banana!Find out why in this hilarious story!Then in Clyde and I Help a Hippo to Fly the lovable green giraffe and his friend Marty McDinkle are enjoying the day in the shade of a Tickletoe Tree when they meet a very sad stranger. Her name is Hippita Hippo. She has always dreamed of flying. Every time she tries to fly something has gone terribly wrong. But Clyde has an idea that sends them all on a great adventure!In Clyde and Hoozy Whatzadingle Hoozy is building his house out of cardboard boxes and glue. He refuses Clydes offers to help. This leads to some hilarious disasters as Hoozy learns the hard way about the value of friendship teamwork listening to the ideas of others and that sometimes it is a very good idea to accept help when it is offered!Enjoy this hilarious book filled with wonderful characters and messages for young children they may always remember.

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