Coal Camp Kids: The End of an Era

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About The Book

Coal Miners from the forties and fifties were a special kind of people. The community of the camps they lived in instilled value and culture that is lacking in todays world. The Coal Camp Kids and Teens arent kids any more. Most of them have great grandchildren. Coal Camp Kids The End of an Era catches up with the Kids today and tells how they are passing on their values. The process creates some amusing circumstances. As you read find out: Who got a phone call from Jesus why were Bonnie and Margie on a four wheeler who told David Pittman Thats how they do it on TV Why was Ruby Bartley so embarrassed who thought they might need a good talking to what did Karen shower everyone with who got a standing ovation what did Billie pray for who is afraid of a thunderstorm who thinks they would get a rush from a tornado what got Paula tickled on the elevator why was Joshua splashing in the tub and who was interested in Margies twelve string? Explore the joys and heartaches that fill our everyday lives in the West Virginia Mountains. The End of an Era completes the trilogy.

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