Collection of Dreams
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About The Book

A university professor seemingly trapped on the London Underground an endless journey involving time travel – and a mysterious girl in white. Former top QC suffering dementia recounting incorrect memories of writers and street car dealers. The weird and dark thoughts of a top politician. Interdimensional travel: a radio station taking the minds of its listeners to a fantastic library where they can explore imaginary worlds. Hidden messages in a nightmare involving royal infidelity and an horrific execution. Dreams. We all experience dreams. Mundane fantastical often surreal they form an integral part of the human condition. Dreams usually occur while we are asleep while others happen when we are awake in the form of ‘daydreams.’ Some we remember while most are forgotten the moment when we wake up. There are the imaginary worlds they create or re-enactment of past events in our lives. Even current events and on rare occasions future events which turnout to be a fairly accurate prediction of what is to come. We never know what to expect. We have no control over the images the sensations or the emotions they create even their duration is as unpredictable. They can last from as little as twenty to thirty seconds or twenty to thirty minutes; we cannot tell we are asleep. Based in and around London some dark some light-natured this Collection of Dreams explores people’s various experiences of dreams.

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