Colorful Little Birds

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About The Book

This toddler level bird-watching picture book is designed to elicit birding skills to not just the child but also to the parent. The illustrations are eloquent and the birds used in the book are drawn basing from birding photographs mostly taken by the author. The story starts out by describing areas where one can easily spot birds bird characteristics and movements and then proceeds into focused details of various bird species describing one bird at a time. Towards the end of the story the reader is immersed into mechanisms to identify birds by color is given an opportunity to identify various features on beautiful humming birds. Both parents and children will find this book useful for spotting birds and naming them.We are often surrounded by beautiful and colorful birds and practicing bird watching is a skill linked to various health benefits including enhanced reflexes good cardiovascular health and increased patience. However bird watching requires certain expertise or various observational skill sets. This book contains an exciting story with key features of small backyard birds to help both the child and their parent recognize and be able to name common backyard birds. Guiding children to recognize birds increases their curiosity bringing them closer to nature to allow them to appreciate their communities and spend quality time in the outdoors. The reader will master attention to detail that is specific to birds and frequent reading of the book will ensure these key details will remain intact to the readers mind setting the stage for long-term bird watching knowledge.

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