Communication in Marriage: Why your Past Experiences Affect the Way You Communicate With Your Spouse

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About The Book

You may not think that you are at fault in your marriage when arguments begin. You may blame your partner for their attitude or lack of commitment to the marriage. In reality communication within a marriage is as important to your marriage as the vows that you make when you walk down the aisle.Unfortunately you grew up in separate houses with separate priorities and what you each bring into the marriage may not be something you have really thought about. The habits that you have the way that your brain tackles problems the emotional luggage left in your mind and the beliefs that you have grown up with can all get in the way of communication.This book looks at what past experiences you bring into your marriage that may affect how you communicate with your partner. Topics include: - Your spending habits- Your beliefs- Your emotional luggage- Your expectations- Your definition of roles- Your ego- Your upbringing and its effect on your thought patternsWhen you look at the dynamics of a relationship you find that two people are seeking the same thing when they walk down the aisle but that these beliefs and past expectations can soon make the marriage seem like a nightmare. Putting together two personalities and expecting them to live in complete harmony is unrealistic. This book has been written in an attempt to help couples overcome problems that they find within the confines of marriage.There are easy to do exercises as well as hints and tips that will help you get your marriage back on track. The fact is most people who get married have already lived a considerable number of years so its obvious that there will be past events that will dictate how you react to life. Its unlikely that you and your partner will think on the same wavelength all of the time. Thus adjustments may need to be made so that you can live in harmony without one partner having to make all of the sacrifices while the other demands them.Hopefully you can gain insight into whats going wrong in your marriage through the pages of this book and although not all areas will apply to your particular marriage many will. When you decide that you want to get your marriage back on track simply do the exercises that relate to you and your spouse and begin to repair the damage of miscommunication. Once you do that your marriage will work better for both of you. You will know each other better and respect each other for the individuals that you are.You entered your marriage out of love respect and desire. Isnt it worth working on it to try to resurrect the love you once had? Dont waste another day being unhappy! Click the Buy Now button to get started.

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