Comparative Criticism

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About The Book

This is a yearbook sponsored by the British Comparative Literature Association in the belief that when English studies are being redefined comparative literary studies represent a major direction forwards. The yearbook addresses itself to questions of literary theory and criticism; to comparative studies in terms of theme genre movement and influence; and to interdisciplinary topics. It includes translations of literary scholarly and critical works; substantial reviews of major books and tendencies in the field; and the first bibliographies of comparative literature in Britain. Volume 2 is concerned with the relationship between the text and its reader a topic of particular interest in current criticism. Some of the major theorists and critics in the field are represented: Mikhail Bakhtin the Russian theorist whose important work already influential in France has only begun to be translated into English in recent years; and the contemporary critics Wolfgang Iser and John Preston who have led the way in the exploration of the aesthetics of reception in the English novel.

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