Confess Confess Confess: The True Story of a Prisoner of War

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About The Book

This is the story of Nick A. Flores who was captured during the first battle at Hell Fire Valley a few miles from Chosin Reservoir. He served 36 months as a POW at Camp One in Chong-sung Korea. While a POW Nick nursed nineteen POWs brought in by the North Korean Army and saved thirteen by spoon-feeding bathing listening and comforting them -- a task that no one else wanted or would do. He gave his food to fellow POWs and hand made moccasins for those soldiers with frost bitten feet.During repatriation at Freedom Village General McCall Pate commander of the 1st Marine Division was so impressed by words spoken about Nick that he summoned Nick over to sit next to him. It was at this time General Pate told Nick I know that our country will give you the highest honor that you could receive for your heroism while a POW.After returning home Nick began yet another battle that lasted for forty years. He was driven with determination to write a book about his life events and often times painful memories he endured while in the hands of the Chinese Peoples Army and his homeland tragedies.

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