Controlling Your Future: Six Steps To A Better Life

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About The Book

Who Should Read This Book Looking for some way to make your life better? Something that will give you more control over your future? Do you need a way to overcome some of the mistakes you have made in the past? Are you between thirty-three and sixty-five years old? If so you need a guide to making your life count. What can you do? Give my six-step program a try. It has made a big difference for me and can do the same for you. Let this book guide you through the maze of conflicting paths that you encounter in your life. These six steps will give you the confidence you need to face the many challenges life puts in your way. It will give you the necessary time to consider what you want in your future. What Are the Six Steps? Step One is getting control over you body. You start by walking. Then you add small additional changes to your physical activities. Finally you regularize your exercise while adding new and interesting ways of exercising. Step Two is getting the proper amount of nutrients. This will turn out to be less difficult than it sounds once you are in the exercise mode. You will avoid much of the four harmful food groups - fat fried fast and frozen - along with caffeine sugar and sodium. Quickly you will start noticing how much better you feel. Step Three is improving your brains performance. This will come from learning challenging new material. This will be good for your brains capacity and interesting as well. Step Four is learning to make the best of the challenges at work. Your work represents your opportunity to direct your life toward accomplishments and satisfaction. You need to establish goals to strive for. Volunteer work also is important in this area. Step Five is the problem of financial responsibility. It will require some delay in economic gratification as you position yourself to handle your health costs and pension. Step Six is the last step and includes control over distractions such as television that today have almost no upside. In controlling distractions we create time for the activities that make our lives worthwhile. This gives us time to meet our expectations and to find the joy that surrounds us.

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