Crumbs: Imagine the Possibilities

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About The Book

What can one expect to gain from reading this book? You may find something of great value in every chapter. Who are the intended recipients of this book? Everyone from student to seminarian or sales clerk to scholar can find enjoyment encouragement and tools of empowerment enclosed within these pages. Who will not benefit from reading of this book? No one is exempt from the benefits afforded unto him or her by the reading of this spiritually reassuring emotionally revitalizing and devotionally rewarding book which has been carefully constructed to be of counsel to all. I designed this book with three basic contentions in mind. First I hope to encourage readers with examples towards excellence singled out from select scripture passages proving that ordinary people can overcome extraordinary odds through exemplary faith. Second I hope to equip readers through a series of simple subjective and straightforward ideas for everyday empowerment. These ideas are intended not so much as to change individuals but to challenge them to make better choices (thereby producing better outcomes in the future than those experienced in the past as a result of poor decision making). Third and finally I hope this work will serve as a tool of empowerment to some a resource of assistance to others and as a work that in its witness wealth of ideas and unique writing perspective will provide enjoyment to all.

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