Daufuskie Island

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About The Book

Evan and Caris St. John own a beach house on isolated Daufuskie Island off the South Carolina coast. After a hurricane strikes the island Caris and their three children Katie Abby and Will discover a mysterious treasure chest in its wake. Unbeknownst to them the chest has been sealed for nearly a century and a half. A mysterious Gullah woman rumored to be a witch predicted decades earlier that the family would break the seal and awaken the magic inside. The unbelievable begins to happen. Through a sudden turn of events the St. Johns find themselves whisked away on a desperate quest through time and space to reunite their family. Along the way they must survive a brutal plantation overseer the Confederate Army fleeing Shermans March to the Sea and one man lost in time who seeks to change his future and the course of history as we know it . . .Everything now hinges on the actions they take in the present as well as the actions they have already taken in the past on Daufuskie Island.

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