DE X DE Vol. 1: The Willing

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About The Book

This was written by me as an introspective blessing lesson and understandings that I have grown to embody. It is written with the perspectives in mind meant to inspire growth. These works contain gems I have gathered from my teenage self that I wish I would have known as a youth. These messages also apply to my adult self and appear to have been timeless in my life. I didnt write this as personal therapy but to assist anyone who may need it. Each poem was written with the understanding that to make it from poverty you can feel like you are climbing out of an endless hole especially as a kid who is still trying to understand what life is about. This was written with the thought to preserve that hope when it is hard; you have to be willing and keep the faith. I understand I do not have all the answers and everything I say will always because Im just figuring out. Im human like everyone else. I just try to remember its okay to be human. I just hope we all grow to understand it is okay to embrace your imperfections work on your flaws and celebrate growth throughout the process. I hope some will Identify and connect this is. I hope this pushes you to keep going regardless of age race creed color orientation or any other characteristic of life. This is why I am destined by determination. I understand and will only be able to succeed but the Lords will or whatever higher power you believe. I am not a religious person but I am spiritual and I understand the power of faith. You will wind up stagnant without some sort of belief system. I am also aware that it is up to us to be willing to grow. It is rather easy to stunt your growth in some situations. Theres a bunch of factors that play a part that people dont pay attention to. A lot of things can happen that people dont necessarily notice or understand. In life you should always be learning. If youre not learning youre not living.

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