Death to Moby Dick ... --- ... a Love Story

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About The Book

Raised by His Mother Abbie on an uncharted island Ahabs son Isaac Abram sets out on a quest to find and destroy the white whale. Born in tumult and storm as his father Ahab is killed by Moby Dick Isaac survives shipwreck desertion rescue by the Rachel Civil War and the terrors of Andersonville. He falls in love with the beautiful and talented opera singer Irene OShannon. Tormented by the death of his father and mother Isaac has only one purpose a focused compulsion beyond love and longing. He must find and kill Moby Dick. He discovers that the creature is not simply a whale but rather a manifestation of the evil residing in the souls of Men. His friend and Civil War compatriot William H. Carney joins Isaac on the historically documented Northern Pacific voyage to defeat once and for all the enemy of Mankind.

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