Design and Live the Life YOU Love: A Guide for Living in Your Power and Fulfilling Your Purpose

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About The Book

Design and Live the Life You Love invites you on a treasure hunt to discover personal answers to the questions Whose life are you living? Is it one youve adopted from others or the one that is truly yours?This remarkable book weaves the authors story of her own growth with some self-help techniques that have served her and many others well. It will help you the reader expand your awareness by understanding how your perception is affected by the physical learning skills you developed in your early years. These include the ability to focus both eyes for reading; to have eyes hands and ears cooperate when writing; and to achieve balance and congruence of words tone breath and facial expression. It also shows you how optimize the physical skills that support clarity decision making and ability to take action.Enjoy the poems stories and activities in this guidebook. Through their application you can embody the principles presented. You might want to reference this guide periodically especially when youre at what the author calls a crossroads moment. Any issues with your family school work or world can be resolved when you address them when balanced and clear.Design and Live the Life You Love incorporates Brain Gym(R) activities along with other tools designed to stimulate your brain so you can enhance your perception notice what is supporting your growth and shift away from what is not. Together these elements form a foundation for experiencing balance heart and meaning in your life.

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