Devilry Hunters

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About The Book

Hidden deep within our galaxy is another world of dozens of planets each one containing and supporting different yet extraordinary life-life that cannot possibly be understood by our simple existence. In this hidden world there is a ruling planet one with the supremacy and dominance to control and maintain peace throughout this unknown and untamed vastness for millennia-but in this very different and hidden world danger lies in wait. It waits for the day when it can crawl back from the darkness to swallow everything whole when it can take vengeance on those that did it wrong so long ago. Now this evil has stretched out its taloned darkness to our world and in order to keep peace and destroy this hungering evil a savior from the hidden vastness must follow into our time. He must come to our world in order to stop this evil from trying to conquer all. This savior is charged with the safety and protection of our world but with his aid comes the aid of people that are friendlier and keener to our world-people that live here among us but are just as extraordinary as the one trying to save us and just as powerful as the evil plaguing us. Will this savior be capable of awakening the Soul Star or will the evil consume this plain and get what it has come for? Will the Devilry Hunters unite once again under the banner once lost to save their home or will their humanity weaken them and allow this evil to prosper?

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