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It'S About All The Stuff I Discuss And Knowledge I Have Been Imparting To My Clients For All These Years.. And All The Stuff I Didn'T Have The Time To Discuss. I Get To The Root Cause Of Health Issues And Discuss The Gaps In Medical Diagnoses Which Leave Many Feeling Unwell Despite Medications And Going Around Many Doctors Offices. Most Books Discuss A Certain Condition Or Diet This Book Discusses It All And Although It Is Not New Information And All The Information Is Researched And Verifiable It Is All Put Together For Anyone Who Wants To Move To The Next Level In Health. It'S Not About Food And How To Eat Right There Is A Lot Of Other Information That We Need To Look At Other Than Food And Exercise Like Spiritual Nutrition Our Toxins How To Look Good And Feel Good And Even Feng Shui. So Do Take The Time To Read It It Will Expand Your Thinking Hats And Hopefully Even One Aspect That Is Implemented May Create Improved Health. It Has Been My Passion To Educate My Clients And I Have Just Taken The Next Step In Making This Knowledge Available To Whosoever May Want To Enlighten Their Health Journey A Health Case Freak Novice Or Professional. This Book Will Meet You Where You Are At. I Hope That You Can Read It And Review It On Amazon (I Ask That As A Favor If You Feel Good About It) And I Look Forward To Hearing Back From Those Who Read It. I Thank Each And Every One Of You Who I Have Interacted With As I Learned As Much From Each One Which Made Me Question And Grow. So Thank You

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