Election Misdirection

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About The Book

Get ready for prime time in Gopherville! The political scene at Cherry Avenue Middle School heats up when some of your favorite (and least favorite) Gophers throw their hats in the ring to become the next eighth-grade president. Its a classic battle of good vs. evil with a whole lot of mayhem thrown in for good measure. And great laughs of course.When Austins arch nemesis Randy Warblemacher makes a power play that threatens to rock the vote Austin Sophie and the crew attempt to persevere through election fraud and dirty politics. Whats more a new force rises led by the evil aspiring-First Lady Regan Storm. The mayhem her Pretty Posse causes is downright ugly.Get ready for bumbling candidates Calvin Conklin leading the debates and a whole lot of mud slinging on the campaign trail. The power struggle is real!Will a clever ruse by the conniving Randy crush Nerd Nation once and for all?Is there a puppet master pulling all the strings behind the scenes?Will Sophies thirst for power push Austin away?Will the cafeterias revolting cuisine lead to an actual revolt? Who will rise to rule Cherry Avenue Middle School? Find out in Election Misdirection... its mayhem for the masses!

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